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REO Agents & Listing Agents

Your goal is to get the property you have just listed spruced up and ready to proudly show to prospective buyers. You're aiming for a quick sale at the highest potential price and to move glitch-free to the closing table. Our goal - and guarantee - is to get you there.

Curb Appeal Fixers works with traditional real estate listing agents and REO agents to prepare homes to make the transition from “for sale” to “sold!” Our one-stop, one call solutions provide convenient, reliable access to everything you need to make your next property listing a success.

Curb Appeal Fixers was founded as a property preservation resource for local Fannie Mae REO listing agents. Since 2009, we have helped area agents deal with the overwhelming volume of foreclosed homes by providing:

  • Re-keying
  • Trash-outs
  • Board-ups
  • Screen repairs
  • Glass repairs
  • Initial & recurring lawn service
  • Deep cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Pool draining & cleaning
  • Tree trimming
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Sod installation
  • Irrigation repairs
  • Septic pump-outs
  • Well repairs
  • Permit pulls & finals
  • Fence repairs
  • Painting
  • Handyman repairs
  • Electric repairs
  • Plumbing repairs


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Our Services Include:

Re-Keying and Securing Your Property

Whether it's placing a combo lock box to facilitate contractor access or re-keying a home after eviction, prompt, reliable response to short notice re-key requests is a top priority so that the transformation of your listing's appearance can begin. In addition to re-keying your property's exterior doors, we will walk the property, checking every slider door and every window to make sure the house is secure. If there is a pool on the property, we will inspect its screened enclosure and/or its surrounding fence, notifying you of any immediate repairs which may be required to secure them.


Often, sellers leave behind just a bit of trash or even items such as clothes, groceries, and heavy furniture. In cases of REO, we sometimes see houses full of abandoned personal property. Either way, Curb Appeal Fixers has performed trash-outs that were able to be hauled away in a laundry basket to jobs that required six 30 yard roll-off construction cans. Once we move the trash out of the way, we can all see what's really going on with your new listing and what it's going to take to make it show-ready.

Pressure washing

According to a top Orlando REO lister, pressure washing of a home's flat surfaces is the best "bang for the buck" when it comes to curb appeal. A beautiful first impression can make the difference between a home still on the market and one quickly sold. We provide pressure washing to clean the entry, driveway, walkway, patio, sidewalks, and house exterior of your property. Buyers will view the property with confidence that it’s been cared for and its maintenance issues addressed.


A well-manicured lawn is the very cornerstone of "curb appeal," the buyer's first impression, and lays down the expectations of what your buyer will likely find once he walks inside the house. We provide complete landscaping solutions that will keep your listing looking professionally maintained and welcoming. Our team delivers tree trimming, mowing, edging, weeding, and general landscaping services.
When you choose Curb Appeal Fixers, you’re getting a property resource you can trust. We are here to make your listing yet another success story for you!

Pool Draining, Cleaning, and Pool Maintenance

We've all seen the green swamps in the back yards of some listings. Nothing gives a prospective buyer the willies like the nightmarish vision of what may be lurking in that stagnant water. That mosquito-breeding ground can be transformed - brought back to its former sparkling blue splendor - literally within 24 hours. Curb Appeal Fixers provides pool draining and cleaning the right way, the legal way, and the safe way: performed by a state certified pool contractor with dedicated "pool pop" insurance. A pool is a huge investment in a residential property and its care should only be trusted to professionals.

In addition to initial pool clean-up services, we also offer on-going weekly or bi-weekly recurring services to maintain your pool's chemical balance and clean, inviting appearance.

Deep Cleaning

Even the tidiest of homeowners tend to leave a home in less than show-ready condition. Curb Appeal Fixers are specialists in deep cleaning appliances; removing dust, dirt, dead bugs and cobwebs from window sills, chair rails, baseboards, light fixtures, and fans; cleaning and deodorizing bathrooms; cleaning to a streak-free shine shower walls and doors, mirrors, and sliding glass doors; sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping floors (yes, including behind that fridge!).

Carpet cleaning & re-stretching

There is no substitution for high-heat cleaning of carpets. If your last owner just went to the supermarket to rent a machine for a DIY job, the carpet is not really clean nor is it ready for your showings to prospective new buyers. We schedule carpet cleaning as the last phase of our property clean-up so that it's obvious the level of detail you have devoted to your listing.

At times, you'll find that in high traffic areas or areas where heavy furniture was scooted across the floor, you now have "wrinkled" carpet. The cost-effective solution is to have those areas re-stretched. The process is not as daunting as it sounds but you do want to have the process completed before you have the carpet cleaned. Just call Curb Appeal Fixers and we will take care of both the re-stretch and the cleaning to make your carpet look almost new.

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Re-Sealing

Here's what makes grout appear dirty: mopping. Yes, that's right - the very cleaning of ceramic tile floors by mopping actually re-routes the dirt just removed from the tiles into the grout channels. If the grout has not been recently sealed, this dirty water sits in the grooves and stains the grout, making it nearly impossible to clean. Just like with carpets, high-heat cleaning and extraction can make your listing's ceramic tile floors look as if they were just installed.

Glass, Screen, Fence and Handyman Repairs

Whether it's a cracked window pane, torn screens around the pool, a fallen fence section, or minor drywall repairs, Curb Appeal Fixers can handle the jobs that need doing. We've seen just about everything in our eight years of REO property preservation, so yes, we can rebuild your listing's HVAC air handler pedestal; repair the ceiling damage from the leaky upstairs toilet, re-texture and paint the ceiling...and even fix or replace the leaking toilet. Just give us a call and we'll turn it around quickly.

Electric and Plumbing Repairs

Curb Appeal Fixers contracts only with Florida state-certified electrical and plumbing contractors on jobs where such professionals are mandated. As a result, we're familiar with the process of pulling and finalling city and county permits and know just what to do to present you with an accurate "cost-to-cure". We handle the process from start to finish and let you know when your property is clear to close.


Curb Appeal Fixers has extensive experience in offering both touch-up and full house painting. We typically use high quality Sherwin Williams paint for touch-ups as we find it is best for matching existing paint. For full house painting, we send our most experienced house painters and use only quality paint products.

Don't see a service you need? Just call us and ask --- we probably do that too!


The Curb Appeal Mission

Our mission is to be a reliable part of the solution to the ever-present need for property clean-up, repairs, and maintenance.

Our focus is prompt, consistent, knowledgeable service and responsive communication with our customers.

We want to become a valued member of your team so that you become and remain an invaluable partner for your brokerage and your clients.

Your Local Property Maintenance Source

Unlike so many local property maintenance companies, Curb Appeal Fixers was founded and is operated by a central Florida native with a 30 year career background in real estate sales and residential appraisal.

As an actively licensed Florida state-certified residential appraiser and a believer in the value of on-going education and training, Alison approaches the tasks of residential repairs with an extensive knowledge of:

  • Requirements of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA-insured properties
  • EPA lead certification requirements
  • PWNA certification in power washing flat work and house exteriors
  • IICRC water damage restoration training


Don’t know if you’re in our service area? Just ask!


Curb Appeal Fixers is committed and invested in getting your repair requests completed the right way. We meet all of your behind-the-scenes needs so you can focus on what matters - making your property showing a success.

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